Access level

ssh -p 2220

Level goal

Find the only human-readable file in the inhere directory and read it.


Looking at the number of files available in inhere we could display each file and grab the password like that, but it wouldn’t be informative and smart.

bandit4@bandit:~/inhere$ ls
-file00  -file01  -file02  -file03  -file04  -file05  -file06  -file07  -file08  -file09

We can use the file command to display informations about them:

bandit4@bandit:~/inhere$ file ./-file0*
./-file00: data
./-file01: data
./-file02: data
./-file03: data
./-file04: data
./-file05: data
./-file06: data
./-file07: ASCII text
./-file08: data
./-file09: data

We see -file07 contains ASCII text which might be our password.

bandit4@bandit:~/inhere$ cat ./-file07

Thanks for your attention!